My name is Efrain. I have been building websites since 2010.

I’ve always been involved in technology. Started back in 1983 when I got my first try at a computer, the awesome Tandy TRS-80 after that I got my own computer a Timex Sinclair 1500. Had so much fun writing small bits of code in basic on that little computer and I have been hooked ever since. That started me in building all my computers from parts, only twice have I bought a store computer only to quickly customized it.

Now back to 2010, I was a member of a group that loves Key West and I started taking care of their site and that is when I realized how much I loveĀ building and designing websites. I know they can get frustrating when some element doesn’t want to work but the satisfaction when you figure it out is so worth it.

Now in the last 2 years I have made Website Building my full time Job.